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602-554-3016 – Spamming my phone 10x (not kidding) daily. Caller ID says +1 711-2018 somehow. Probably nothing to do with the CID server being located in the Netherlands. Eventually screwed up and leaked this number. When I answer, I tell them I\’m recording (because I am). They don\’t speak, don\’t make a sound. Calls started coming after I received a phishing call from +1 206-973-7456, called back, and was spoken to by someone with a thickly Euro-Indian accent claiming to be Officer Harry Brown of the IRS. Shameful lot.
By : A. LaNoue

989-697-4100 – hio
By : balwan

480-571-2836 – I get a massive amountt of scam calls on a daily bases they are numbers not on my contact list I look them up just in case it\’s someone I know trying to call me, most of people I know will leave a voice mail I flat tell people if your not in my list I won\’t pick up the phone. I won\’t pick up leave a voice mail, I told my doctor that too. I got an app that checks them and recently the 480 numbers are now unlisted when they had a name attached before and they say landlines when they used to be wireless they are all scams cause they don\’t leave a voice mail . My phone will tell me if I send a text message to a landline . I\’m gonna test this because I know they are wireless not that many people have landlines anymore even old peeps have cells no since in paying for two phones . You scammers need to stop and get your mother fckers stupid lazy ass a real job.
By : Nancy

843-478-3035 – Don\’t know who this is keeps calling
By : Chris

216-815-5767 – They said a reality company could not understand the name when you call back you get a recording
By :

228-215-6353 – You suck stop scaling me
By : Hibizzle

518-462-3651 – Someone calls up from this number to always hangs up. It must be they have something to hide.
By : George Davies

602-554-5533 – called 2 x at 2 a.m. –no message
By : Bill

201-104-0000 – why this number always calling me late in the evening? i don\’t know who they are
By : adrian

616-333-6647 – Who knows this phone number?
By : dianne