Landline: 1-202-683-4121 / 2026834121

If ever you are getting unexpected calls from number 202-683-4121, it is important to have a reliable source of information that you can use as reference to determine the caller.

Because you need to identify the person who is calling you, it is best that once you visit the exact page with complete data about this particular number, you reveal them with care and never hesitate to ask questions if it is necessary.

Make sure you always get the exact information you need about 202-683-4121 to help you track down the name, location, age, gender and occupation of the person.

Details for this 202-683-4121 number

Person Name Who?
Street Address Where?
Country United States
Area Code 202
City Washington
State District of Columbia
Company Level 3 Communications, Llc...
Type Landline

Comments on “202-683-4121

Dinah Shaw say:

This is a fraud saying that the IRS is suing you. The IRS NEVER calls to collect money or anything else.

July 27, 2016 pm31 7(5227UTCpm) PM
Uyen Phan say:

Receive a call claiming IRS is suing. Definitely a fraud.

July 27, 2016 pm31 9(3027UTCpm) PM
Frustrated say:

Said the IRS was filing a claim against us. Fraudulent

July 27, 2016 pm31 9(4827UTCpm) PM
Joseph Durso say:

Called my wife and upset her by saying that a warrant was out for her arrest. Wanted payment immediately. When I called and informed them I would turn number over to policeI wa hung up on. Recaled and asked for same person who didn\'t work there suddenly. Definite scam, told so by the police.

July 27, 2016 pm31 10(3827UTCpm) PM
Marie say:

Don\'t believe the IRS ever calls anyone. They send registered letters to contact tax payers. Stay informed.

July 27, 2016 pm31 10(4927UTCpm) PM
Bob say:

Called to tell me that was a \"Final notice from the IRS\". Bunch of scammers>

July 28, 2016 pm31 3(4828UTCpm) PM
Lizzie say:

These assholes keep calling my friend over and over saying she will get arrested if she doesnt pay her back taxes of over $7000-they hang up on me when I call them to tell them they are scammers

July 28, 2016 pm31 7(1428UTCpm) PM
Dr Lavey say:

Received three phone calls from this number leaving a voicemail saying I was being sued by the IRS. Well lucky me ! My brother is a CPA for the IRS. He confirmed that this call was a complete fraud and this is unfortunately a common occurrence to scare people into giving a credit card number over the phone to avoid \"being arrested\".

July 28, 2016 pm31 10(3328UTCpm) PM
Brennie say:

Had a recorded electronic-voice message left on my home phone saying that the IRS had filed a lawsuit against me as \"a final notice\" and that if I wanted to know what it was about then I had better call 202-683-4121 immediately. These people are nothing more than lowlife criminal-scammers. They wouldn\'t be doing this however if it wasn\'t profitable for them. They thrive off the fear the American people have over an all-powerful IRS. The IRS has earned their sorry reputation for ruining people\'s lives. These criminals are trying now to cash in on the fear the IRS has created over the years. It\'s truly sad. Please don\'t give these criminals your hard earned money. They are liars, scammers and theives.

December 22, 2016 pm31 10(1422UTCpm) PM

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