Landline: 1-218-331-1931 / 2183311931

If ever you are getting unexpected calls from number 218-331-1931, it is important to have a reliable source of information that you can use as reference to determine the caller.

Because you need to identify the person who is calling you, it is best that once you visit the exact page with complete data about this particular number, you reveal them with care and never hesitate to ask questions if it is necessary.

Make sure you always get the exact information you need about 218-331-1931 to help you track down the name, location, age, gender and occupation of the person.

Details for this 218-331-1931 number

Person Name Who?
Street Address Where?
Country United States
Area Code 218
City Moorhead
State Minnesota
Company Mcleodusa Telecommunication...
Type Landline

Comments on “218-331-1931

Jake say:

This is a cell phone to an online scammer who is targetting people who post ads on craigslist tdying to get them to deposit cash into an account. Dont reply or ignore it and definetly dont do what they ask.

December 7, 2016 pm31 6(0507UTCpm) PM
C says say:

Tried to pull the Cashiers Check scam on me as well.

December 27, 2016 pm31 9(1127UTCpm) PM
Guy say:

Also tried to pull the scam on me. Used name Shirley. Wish there was a way to catch him.

February 1, 2017 am28 1(5701UTCam) AM
C say:

Same scam tried on me!!!!!! Praying someone will catch him or her!!!!!

February 14, 2017 am28 11(2614UTCam) AM
Mark say:

This guy is still at it as of 02/20/2017. First contacted me as Shelly Gates, then messed up on a different phone line and said his name was Shirley Moore. Not real smart ...

February 20, 2017 pm28 6(3120UTCpm) PM
jgstevens say:

Another Shelly Gates craigslist/cashier\'s check scam attempt. I\'m having fun asking them questions now.

February 21, 2017 pm28 6(0221UTCpm) PM

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